Private Jet Charters: Cheaper Than You May Think!


Private jet charters might be cheaper than commercial airlines. The following paragraphs will tell you why... 

The commercial airline industry is faltering more and more every day. The cost of fuel has caused a huge rise in the price of airline tickets and that, in return, is causing far less people to travel via commercial airlines. This vicious cycle will continue until the economy can calm down enough to get all its ducks in a row and start taking control of the travel industry again. Until that time comes, private jet charters may be cheaper than commercial air flights.

How Can Private Jet Charters Be Cheaper?

Most private jet charter companies are generally owned by companies who need far less employees than commercial airlines. These small companies work only on an as needed basis and thus the costs are lower and that savings passes on to the consumer.

The advent of the very lightweight jet is another reason private jet charters are cheaper in some cases. These private jet charter aircraft carry far less fuel that the air bus style planes used to trek all the way across the United States. The downside of the lighter fuel tank is a shorter distance, these private jet charters generally only run 1250 miles to the tank. In real distance that flight would take you about 1/3 of the way across the United States.

Private Jet Rentals: Security Eased

The time spent in the airport is probably the most tiring and annoying of any trip. Travel is supposed to be laid back and comfortable, but by the time you check your baggage, wait in line at the security check point and make it to the gate, you are exhausted and ready to take a nap. But, a nap is not something that will be happening on a commercial flight because there is exactly 2.5 cm between each seat (just kidding).

The private jet rentals available to consumers today are about the same price as 1st class tickets. In some cases, especially those involving the lighter aircraft, the prices of the tickets may be even lower. The luxury, comfort and ease of the flight are well worth the upgrade if you are traveling coach. If you are traveling 1st class, step off the plane and get your money back. The stars are not the only ones who can now afford to fly on a private jet charter to anywhere in the world. When it comes to passengers, less is more.

Reasons for chartering a private jet

Private jets are chartered for a number of different reasons. These reasons tend to include honeymoons, romantic getaways, family vacations, and business trips. While all of the previously mentioned trips can call for the chartering of a private jet, they are most commonly used by those who are traveling for business.

It is not uncommon for a business owner to charter a private jet to get to a meeting or to even fly their clients in for a meeting. One of the reasons for this is because of professionalism. Private jets are elegant, luxurious, and professional in nature. There are many business owners who see the chartering of a private jet as a way to wow their clients.

Who can you rent your private jet from?

As it was mentioned above, you can charter a private jet from an individual or a company, which is often referred to as a private jet chartering company. Chartering a private jet from an individual is nice because you tend to get a more personalized service. The only downside is that most individuals usually only have one private jet. This can sometimes make for an increase in competition.

In addition to having more available reservations, doing business with a private jet chartering company is nice because they tend to have more than one jet to charter; they tend to have a fleet of them. What you may not know is that many private jet chartering companies allow their customers to choose which jet they would like to charter! Thus, private jet charters are a great alternative to regular flights with a commercial airline.


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